Who knew?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It has been suggested that I submit to my husband about the dog issue. So, this weekend we got a dog. We were told that she was great with kids, other dogs, and they didn't think our cats would be an issue because she lived with a guinea pig. We have come to learn that cats and guinea pigs are not the same. We learned this pretty quickly. When she first saw the cats, she barked and chased them. This was to be expected. But then she got all four paws on our upright piano, lifted our couch with her head, and knocked over a recliner, all trying to get one of the cats. Then the next day, she busted threw the baby gate to the laundry room where a cat was sitting; and chased him into the wall. When I went to pick him up and see if he was okay, he was covered in slobber because the dog had gotten him in her mouth. The dog went back to her foster home. We're pretty sure she wanted to eat the cats.

We have called about a few other dogs, but they either don't get along with kids, cats, or other dogs. (since we have dogs in the family, this is important to us). Seriously, all we want to do is rescue a dog but it's getting ridiculous. Not to mention my darling husband is starting to be wishy washy on picking one. You all know how ridiculously wonderful my hubby is, but frankly he's getting a bit whiny and I'm not sure if he really wants a dog. I am starting to think that he is enjoying this rollercoaster he's putting me on. I think we're just going to let Liam pick one out for us.


Anonymous said...

poor jaime :-( i'm telling you get a boxer or a golden- although chili would be upset if another dog rivaled his "beauty".

Anonymous said...

You could have had Sarge...but wait! What would we have! The right dog is somewhere out there, beneath the pale moonlight...I think Liam would pick a good one. Maybe one he could stand on while ejecting from the crib! Love MOM PS my new gray streak is really lovely!