Things I am not

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, along with being thankful for the many blessing in my life, I have also learned things that I am not.

First, I learned that I am not a Latina. I have absolutely no latin blood in me, zip, zero, zilch. The reason that I learned this is because I decided to borrow my mom's Zumba exercise DVD's. If you're not familiar with Zumba, it's an exercise/dance craze. It is mostly latin dances with some hip hop thrown in. I do not know how to move my hips, and latin dancing is all about moving your hips. Several years of ballet lessons, along with my parents teaching me not to be trampy, gave me a few inhibitions as far as shaking my hips. The DVD was a ton of fun, once I realized that nobody was watching me I just decided to do my best and have fun--and shake what my momma gave me (I'm guessing to an outsider it looked more painful than anything and I think I scared the cats).

Secondly, I learned that I am not a fashionista. On Saturday I decided to brave Target. I wandered through the women's clothing department looking to see if I could find any good bargains. What I found was that I didn't know what half of the clothes were. I wasn't sure if they were tops, dresses, or needed a second shirt under them. A lot of them looked like they came from the '80's. Half of them were see-through, and from the previous lesson, you all know that I am not about to go out with my goodies and bits showing. I did, however, contemplate whether I was hip enough to pull off leggings and a sweater dress. The jury is still out on that one, but I think the rest of the styles are going to have to stay on the rack.

Lastly, I learned that I am not too old to enjoy decorating the Christmas tree. This weekend we put up our tree and Rori was desperate to decorate it. It was a lot of fun--and it was so precious to see her get excited about the Little People nativity set that we have. She remembered who everyone was. I am looking forward to her really beginning to understand the celebration of Jesus' birth. Liam was mostly interested in the ball ornaments. He kept yelling, "ball, ball" and wants to play with them. We're trying to teach him which ornaments he's allowed to touch. We're limiting it to three to try to make it easy for him. Any suggestions you all might have, I'd appreciate :)


Anonymous said...

The tree looks great. As to shaking what your momma gave you, yours is much better. As to Liam and the ball ornaments...ummm he takes after his mo....Love Baba Hoohoo

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite days of the year now is getting out the Christmas stuff and decorating the tree. This was not always the case (all that work for a month), but doing that as a family is wonderful. Watching Rori find each ornaments like it a new present with such great excitment and Liam just wanting to throw the ball ones and pointing at the shinny ones and say OOOHH. Using this time to teaching the kids what Christmas is really all about is great too. I know that it will only get better as the kids continue to grow, that is until they resent me for making them stay home on the Friday night after Turkey Day do it when they are teenagers.--Bill

Anonymous said...

I am not Latina either. We're putting up our tree this weekend, hopefully, and I hope, well, I know that Noah will be just as excited.