Princess Party

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's been a busy week, so I'm sorry that I haven't posted in several days. I'll do better this week :)

So, Saturday, my mom, Rori, and me went to a Princess Party at the Community center. Rori dressed in her sleeping beauty dress, my mom wore the dress she wore to my wedding, and I got as dressed up as I could manage. My mom went all out--I'm pretty sure she's a princess at heart. She bought sparkles for us to wear in our hair, and jewel stickers to put on our faces. Rori thought my mom looked so beautiful. (and she did).

Ariel, Snow White, Belle, Cinderella, and Tinkerbell were all there. It was amazing to see Rori in awe of the princesses. She was very serious as they learned their princess dance. She didn't crack a smile. She desperately wanted to dance with Ariel, but she ended up with Belle, so Baba Hoo Hoo, who will do anything for her grandchildren, asked Ariel if she would dance with Rori. The whole time that Rori was dancing with Ariel, she was beaming and in awe. Unfortunately my stupid camera was acting up so I didn't get any pictures of that, but I did get some of her earlier. I can't wait for her to go to Disney and see the awe and wonder of meeting the princesses there.

We made such a great memory there. Even if Rori doesn't remember it, my mom and I will always remember watching her joy and wonderment as she got to meet her favorite princesses. Sometimes I think that the memories we make with our children, really should be more for us. At least in the early years. I don't want to wait until she is at an age that she will remember things before we do exciting things, if that makes sense. Earlier this fall when I took her to the farm, I told Bill that we had a great day. I doubt she will remember it 5 years from now, but I will. I will remember how much fun she had, and the joy at seeing and doing things for the first time. If we took her to the princess party when she was older, I know she would remember it, but I don't think she would have the same sense of awe and wonder at the princesses. She would know that they were just girls dressed up. Anyway, this was my subtle hint that we should go to Disney World before she's too old to find it magical :)

Rori and Ariel

Rori's in the back with Belle


Anonymous said...

Let's load up the car, plane, train whatever and get going to Disney World asap. I'll carry her on back to get her there is that what it takes.--Papa

Anonymous said...

I think I was just as excited as Rori and yes we are Princesses, daughters of the King! I pray daily for our grandkids, that they would accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Thank you for taking me to the party. It is a great memory! Love, your Fairy Grandmother

Anonymous said...

awww, it looked like fun. everyone looked beautiful. i bet mom sure loved it maybe even more than rori rose.

heidi said...

I think my favorite picture is the last one, with all the moms circling the circle, snapping pictures. :) How fun!!!

Christina said...

I can't wait to do all these girly things with Juliet. How fun for all 3 of you!

Anonymous said...

Mom looks as beautiful today as the day I married her 36 years ago.