My Calling

Monday, November 17, 2008

I went to see this fabulous movie this weekend with my fabulous hubby. I dragged him without any kicking and screaming. Even though this is not one of the things he secretly likes--like the Hills. He would never admit it, but deep down he really enjoys the drama of Spencer and Heidi and LC. Sorry Bill, you need to just embrace it. Anyway, the movie was excellent. The music and dance numbers got me bopping in my seat. I was a little nostalgic for the days when my body would move and bend the way the actors did. I felt a bit like I missed my calling. I should have been a Disney Star...I imagined myself dancing and singing for a living. I think I'd want to play Sharpay. She is the not as nice one (there is truly no "bad" person in a Disney movie). But she gets all the best dance numbers. It looked like so much fun.

Then I got home. Liam climbed in my lap and snuggled me. It was precious--he rarely sits in my lap, unless he's watching Mickey Mouse or VeggieTales. He just sweetly rested his head on my shoulder and started to rub my hair between his fingers. I started to sing, "You are my Sunshine" to him. Then he picked his head up and shook it, "no." I stopped singing and he put his head back on my shoulder. Then I started to sing again, and he shook his head again. I took it as a cue that he just wanted to snuggle :) Later that evening, Rori started playing with her new Barbie that sings songs from Barbie, The Island Princess. A favorite movie in our house. I sang along with Barbie, and pretty quickly Rori put her hand over my mouth. It didn't do a whole lot for my ego, but at least I learned that I didn't miss my calling afterall. I wouldn't change a thing.


Anonymous said...

Rori has already told me no sing quite a while ago. I'm not gonna stop yet, but I will not be giving up my call....Fairy Grandmother!

Anonymous said...

Jaime your sweet voice is the sound track to my life. I also admit nothing, but come on who would stay with Spencer!!! You know what I'm saying--Love Bill

Heidi said...

You're such a good communicator, Jaime, what an sweet & eloquent blog post!! I loved the two stories and your tie-in. :)

Anonymous said...

well, we all know bill and ryan will come out of the closet one day (j/k) and if it has to start with HSM 3, it has to start with that. ryan still watches Mean Girls.

noah still lets me sing to him :-)