Haircuts and sleepovers

Monday, November 24, 2008

This weekend was a big one for "firsts" for Rori Rose. Friday afternoon we drove up to my parents house for her to spend the night at their house for the first time. She was so excited. I on the otherhand was relatively wiped from the week. Rori was excited to have her favorite dinner--pizza, then she wanted to take a bath in Baba Hoo Hoo's bathtub. It was very exciting for her, but she did want to know why Baba Hoo Hoo didn't have any toys for the bath. Rori ended up washing the walls for her and had a good time doing it. When bedtime came, she slept in "the Princess Room" which is the spare bedroom decorated for princesses (I kind of hope they find a different place for Liam to sleep when he spends the night...). I slept on the sofa bed downstairs (as much as I love to cuddle with Rori, sleeping with her is like sleeping with a violent octopus). Unbeknowst to me, she got up and watched some tv with grandma and grandpa before going back to bed. One of the best parts of spending the night there was when she came and woke me up--I think around 6 or 6:30, I sent her to wake up Baba Hoo Hoo, whom I knew would be much happier to get up.
That morning, I took Rori for her first haircut, and met Bill and Liam there for our cuts too. Rori sat so still while Patrice trimmed her hair. I could just tell that she felt so important and was loving it. She was so proud to be big enough for a haircut, because she pointed out to me that Liam was still too little. She is ridiculously smart, because she pointed out that the cape I usually wear would be too big for her. Fortunately, Patrice had one for kids ;)

The end result with Patrice, and of course Liam :)

After haircuts, we went back to my parents house to take our Christmas pictures. Doesn't Rori look lovely in her dress? After the pictures, Rori was so tired that as we were packing up to go home, she fell asleep on grandma's bed. We decided to let her sleep for 30 min or so. Bill and Liam went downstairs to watch Mickey Mouse and they promptly fell asleep. At this point I was ready to just go home by myself for some solitary time, since we had two cars there, but thought better of it. I'm sure Bill wouldn't have appreciated waking up to two kids and me at home relaxing with my feet up :) Although, I think he had been looking forward to us leaving a bit too much. Liam does go to bed around 7 after all, so Bill had the whole Friday evening to himself.

All in all it was a great weekend. Rori loved it, and cried when we had to go home. She wanted to sleep at Baba Hoo Hoo's forever. Lucky for her, Bill and I are going out of town next weekend, so she'll get to stay there with her brother--for two nights (at least I'm hoping they will be able to last that long).

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Anonymous said...

Hey Baba HooHoo, the sun is up! Chirped a very happy RoriRose. Stay in your jammies longer with me! I want to stay sorever! Me Too little Rori, me too! Love Baba HooHoo