But, I'm not ready for a dog!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We used to have the most wonderful dog in the world (that's her at the top, Sarge is at the bottom)--and I'm not just biased. Everyone always complimented Leia. One time we had to board her while we went on vacation because my whole family went and we didn't have anyone to watch her. When we went to pick her up, they said that everyone loved her and had even left a note reminding them to tell us how great she was. They didn't tell every dog owner that (I know that for a fact). My mom called her, "the most human dog she'd ever met." Unfortunately she died suddenly when she was only five years old. We were absolutely devastated. That was two years ago. Every once in a while we talk about getting another dog--we've even tried two. That's how my parent's ended up with Sarge, and the other dog we would have kept except she had separation anxiety and I nicknamed her "Pissy Patsy." She went back to her foster home.

Anyway, Bill had mentioned getting a dog and I knew we would be watching Sarge while my parents were in Florida so I suggested seeing how that went. Normally Sarge rolls in poop at least once during his stay or does something to make me glad to not have a dog. Sadly this time he was a perfect gentleman. And the kids just loved having him here. Which sent Bill on the hunt for a dog. I found out today that he went so far as to fill out an application for one and he's currently on the phone with foster of her. I am not a happy camper. I'm not sure that I'm ready to deal with the responsibility of a dog again, but I want Bill to be happy. Is this going to be part of my "love dare"? ARG! Why did I make that vow? Is it to late to rescind?


Anonymous said...

How important is your husband's happiness to you? Think about that! That's what our Pastor asked me when I did not want the dog we slapped me in the face! We have a dog, we had dogs...I guess we will always have know I love...him and the dogs! I feel your pain! Love MOM

Anonymous said...

Leia was the GREATEST DOG EVER!!!! She was more a just a dog, she was part of the family, our first child. Not a day goes by that I do not miss her. I feel like she was stolen from us. I think that we should continue to pray about this and ask everyone to pray for us. I was not ready for a dog when we tried Sarge (Who is a very very good boy) and Pissy Patsy. I now know that we can not have Leia back. Leia was one of a kind! I just really miss having a dog, I only hope that our next dog is half the dog she was. Plus I think the kids are desperate for a dog of there own, and as a wise couple once told us, A boy needs a dog!!! Love Bill