Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I've noticed a few things lately. I'm getting older. For example, this morning I debated between style and comfort when picking out my shoes for work. Much to my relief, I did choose style, but five years ago there wouldn't have even been a debate. I'm pretty sure five years from now I'll be showing up in my Birkenstocks--or as Clinton and Stacey call them "Birkenstops".

Last weekend I realized that my childhood home wasn't "home" anymore. Rori and I had a girl's day out up where my parents live. My parents were in Florida, but I had to go up there for a haircut, and brought Rori with me because I knew she'd love to go to the farm up there. After we were done at the farm, I knew we had an hour drive back home and frankly I wasn't interested in using the purple port-a-potty in 80 degree weather. I called my peeps and asked if we could use their house since it was a short distance away, and use their bathroom.

When I let us in, it was really weird because my parents weren't home. It truly felt like I was a guest in their home. I haven't been in their house without them there since I've been married. It was really strange and made me sad. I had lived in that house for 23 years and always thought it would be "home." I guess it's a good thing that my home with Bill and the kids is my new "home" but it really made me nostalgic and feel "grown-up."

On another note, today is the National Day of Rememberance for pregnancy and infant loss. Please say a prayer for those who've lost a child at any age--whether it be at 8 weeks of pregnancy or had to bury an adult child.


Anonymous said...

Dolly, you'll always be my baby and welcome to come home anytime. I will say a prayer for those lost children...Baba Rose still thinks about Beverly every day...Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

I meant I will pray for the families with the lost children...I so tired...MOM

Heidi said...

If I have to give up my Birkenstocks for the sake of fashion, can I wear my Crocs with the little colored heart-shaped gems poking through? They are SOOOO stylish. :)

Anonymous said...

dude, i wear my birkies every day to teach in. my students say they're cool. of course not as cool as when i wear my chucks to school, but oh well.