Growing Up

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Now for a blog less about me and more about my munchkins! Changes are a'comin'. First--a boring one that I'm excited about. I have decided to get a blog makeover. Now that I have decided to keep up with this, I decided I should make it prettier. Sadly, I'm on a waiting list and my guess is that it will be about a month before it's done. So keep checking--one day it will look totally different! Yay!

Now, for a more exciting change. Rori Rose moved into a big girl bed this weekend! I can't believe it. I realize she's a little over three, but I always figured that as long as she was happy in her crib we would keep her in there. I didn't want to have to deal with her being able to get out and about by herself. But, recently she's been waking up at night and I think it's because she's so cramped in her crib; so we decided to put her in a twin bed. She's been up there for about an hour--and I haven't heard anything from I think it might be a success!

When I found out that I was going to have a boy, I was worried that I wouldn't know how to play with him. Bill always was able to wrestle with Rori, but whenever I tried, it was pretty much lame. Well, on Friday, Liam was a bundle of happy energy. He was playing on the stairs (jumping off the bottom one) and then spin in the chair, (this one's obviously out of focus--because of the spinning--but look at his tongue!) then he was chasing the poor cat, and then he wanted to play tackle with me. And guess what? He had fun playing tackle with me--and I did too! I know how to play boy! Yay!
And, just to reaffirm my observations on gender roles--this is what Rori was doing

Ok, so she's not really reading The Princess Bride, but I bet if she could read--that's what she would be doing :)

P.S. Happy Birthday Grandpa Casey--1 day late!


Anonymous said...

Big girl bed! How exciting, how fast did that happen? I'm trying to learn to play boy stuff too...hope I am as successful as you are...Love MOM

Anonymous said...

It seems like just yesturday that Rori first came home and now she's in a big bed. Where did the time go? Welcome my dear to the world of tackling and general boy playing!! Just wait until he gets into his playing with bugs phase!! Love you--Bill

Anonymous said...

awww, rori looks so big now. noah looks forward to wrestling with liam or auntie jaime.

Anna said...

Congrats, Rori, on your Big Girl Bed! Caleb is jealous b/c he is still choralled in his crib.:) Yes, Bill is right, the bug phase is not a fun one. It's especially not fun when they find out how much you detest bugs/grasshoppers and chase you around with them in their precious little hands. I'd stick with wrestling for as long as you can!:)


MOPSgirl said...

I'm still trying to figure out the boy-play thing too. I've tried to like snakes and worms. NOT happening. Trains aren't bad. My recommendation: GeoTrax. They come with a remote control!!!! OOOooooo......