Big Foot

Monday, September 8, 2008

Have you ever wondered what a pair of $50 shoes for a toddler looks like? Well, look no further--here's a pair!

Please don't judge me...we bought Liam his first pair of real shoes this weekend. He had been wearing those leather slipper shoes up until now. We had tried a couple of different kinds of shoes--mostly size 5's, but also a size 6, and nothing seemed to fit his feet. So, based on a couple of recommendations, we took him to Stride Rite. They measured my 15 month old son and his feet are a 6.5 Wide!!!! His big toe is the same size as my thumb!

We justified buying the shoes because Rori gets multiple pairs per season, so it probably adds up to about $50. Plus, frankly, he needed them. So don't judge me. (PS Each set of Grandparents paid for one shoe, so they really didn't cost us anything! Thanks Grandmas and Grandpas!)

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Anonymous said...

You're welcome, Liam's big toe looks like G Rose's thumbs. Love that big bruiser baby boy! Love MOM