Super Mom

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No, that is not me that I'm talking about in the title! It's what I aspire to, but will probably never be. It's not in my nature. I don't understand how mom's do it. They're showered with make-up on, their kids are happy, their houses are clean, and their dinners have 3 courses all homemade. I actually know people like this--some are good friends (ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but you know who you are ;) ). I just want to know how they do it. A typical day for me involves getting up when the kids do (I need my sleep and I'm not giving this one up). I give everyone breakfast and get them dressed. Liam goes down for a nap and I have breakfast and get dressed. I play with Rori. Then Liam gets up. We do some outing or something, have lunch, everyone goes down for a nap. I work out--not that it makes a difference. (By the way, how long can I call it baby weight--til Liam is 18)? Maybe I shower, if there's time. Otherwise I stew in my own filth until Bill gets home. I don't know how other moms shower, but I can't shower when Liam is up. He would inevitably injure himself trying to climb into the tub, or toilet, or bonk his head on the door--all while wailing because I'm not out with him. When Bill gets home, we all play together or one of us tidy's up a bit, make dinner with someone climbing up my leg and someone else wailing (sometimes it's me, sometimes Bill, but usually one of the kids), put the kids to bed and then crash on the couch. I just don't have the energy to then vacuum, dust, or some other nonsense when I can snuggle with Bill.
How do you ladies do it?! I know I need to sacrifice something so that I can keep up with the dust bunnies and cat hair. Do I sacrifice the time I play with the kids? Do I sacrifice my time with Bill? Do I just live in squalor? Any advice would be greatly appreciated :) I just really want to find balance. I know that my time at home with the kids is short, but I also want to teach them to be more organized and tidy than I am--so I obviously need to set the example. I'm trying, really, but goodness, I swear random little toys and stuff jump out of the woodwork and spread themselves all over the floor. There are days when I want to walk around with a garbage bag and throw everything out. I've actually done that, but somehow everything multiplies behind my back.
Oh well, to quote Scarlett O'Hara, "I'll think about that tomorrow. Tomorrow is, afterall, another day!"


Anonymous said...

My baby is ummm how old and I still have my babyweight! You're doing great dolly...Love MOM

heidi said...

You're hilarious. The toys probably do jump out of the woodwork!! And I admired your Supermom-ness just today ... when all three of you were ready & had already made a trip to the library before noon! At that point in our day, my baby was lucky to be out of his pajamas and his momma hadn't stumbled over to her toothbrush yet. You ARE amazing, Jaime!

Lesley Engling said...

Jaime, you are a Supermom!! Your children are very loved, well cared for and happy. What more could they ask for?

Anonymous said...

Honey, take it from someone who sees you do it everyday. You are super duper Mom. Bill

MOPSgirl said...

The ones you THINK are SuperMoms are getting help. They hire a house-cleaner or personal assistant in order to get it all done. They just haven't told you. If they are doing it all themselves, then they aren't spending as much time with their kids. You will find your balance and what works for you, and each family is different. You are a GREAT mom and wife!