One of those days

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yesterday started as one of those know the kind--where you want somebody else to take care of your kids and you go get a massage. For whatever reason both kids took turns crying, sometimes together, sometimes I think there were more than 2 of them. So I figured we should get out of the house. I do try to do something with them everyday because winter is coming and we're all going to get cabin fever. I called my grandma and asked if we could come over and feed the ducks with her. Unfortunately she was not feeling well. No matter, I'd find us some ducks we could feed...Are there no ducks in our area?!!! Poor kids. I packed them a lunch and we drove to the pond where Bill proposed to me and it was full of Canadian geese. I'm scared of geese--they bite. Or so I've heard. So we drove to the prairie path where I knew there was a pond. Fortunately the kids put up with it well. I thought I saw some ducks. We got out of the car with our lunches and our hot dog buns for the ducks. We dodged the many poopies that were in the grass and we found...more geese!

Since we'd been driving for a while, I decided we'd sit at the dirty picnic table and eat lunch. The kids ate pretty well, while I told them not to touch the table. Liam got down and tried to pick up empty beer bottle caps and play in the dirt. I threw out the garbage and turned around and they were both digging in the dirt. I felt hot and tired and wanted to just go home, but I felt bad for dragging them around to play in poopy grass and dirt. So we packed up again and drove to a playground.

We ended up having a very nice day at the playground. The kids got hot and tired quickly so we went through McD's and got them milkshakes and Miss Rori wanted a cheeseburger and fries. Which she scarfed down even though she had eaten her whole sandwich just 2 hours earlier. Liam was so hot that he wouldn't stop sucking on his milkshake even for a french fry! The kid never turns down fries! It warmed my mommy heart to watch his red sweaty face just suck down that milkshake. It brings joy to my heart to see my kids enjoy food! It ended up a nice afternoon after all.

Then, evil facebook gave my computer some horrible virus and I proceded to spend the rest of the evening trying to get rid of it. That made me very crabby so I began to lose patience with the children. I think they felt like they were having one of those days--where they wish someone else was taking care of them and that mommy would go to a spa :) Bill and his dad were working on the floor in the living room and I ended up losing my temper because it was bathtime and Rori was naked and Liam wouldn't let us in the bathroom--he's a strong kid :) So I yelled. I hate doing that in front of the in-laws. I want them to think that I have it together, I'm a Kool-Aid mom. But no, I'm sure Bill's dad left feeling sorry for Bill. I hate that. Oh well, next time I'll put on an apron and wow them with my cooking and cleanliness, or so I like to dream.

Anyway, so that is why I don't have a new nice post today. But stay tuned, because I have a special one that I will post tonight or tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Wish I could have seen Liam sucking down that milk shake and refusing fries! We'll find some ducks next time you come to our house. Love MOM

Anonymous said...

My boy refused fries, I did not raise him like that. Good job for Rori on the burger. I going to get McDonald right now. Papa

Anonymous said...

ryan and i laughed hard imagining red sweaty liam sucking down a milkshake. hee hee.