Nuk's Anonymous

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My daughter's name is Rori and she is addicted to her Nuk (pacifier). There, I said it, I admit it and I feel better. We decided that this was the weekend that Rori would officially become nuk free. She had only been allowed to have it at nap times and bed time. However, that was slowly becoming also rest time on the couch or crying time in her room. So, Bill decided we were going to be firm.
I took Rori to Toys R Us and had her decide what she though the Nuk fairy was going to bring her. It was a toss up between the singing barbie and Ariel in her wedding dress. Rori told me it was scary to give up her nuk. My little mommy heart melted and a tiny bit of me died at the thought of us doing this to our little munchkin. So....Friday night came around and Bill got her an envelope to put her nuk's in for the fairy to bring to babies who didn't have them (thank you super-nanny) and Rori put them in. Then we sat on the couch to watch her video before bed and she said, "Papa, can I have my nuk for 1 minute?" and held up one finger and cocked her head at him. Well, my daughter's name is Rori and she is still addicted to her Nuk. We're now shooting for Labor Day weekend...I'll let you know how it goes!

PS Happy 1 day early birthday to my dad--Grandpa Hoo Hoo (I work tomorrow and I certainly would never use my work computer for personal use ;) ) Rori and Liam ate your birthday cake--sorry.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to MEEEEE! How did you sneak out of my house with my birthday cake?

Anonymous said...

Poor Rori! My name is Grandma and I'm addicted to chocolate! Great photos!

Anonymous said...

My name is Papa and I am a sap!

Heidi said...

Heehee I watched that supernanny too!! I loved that idea! I love that you used it! But what was up with that fairy dust they sprinkled everywhere - quite impractical if you don't have a cleaning person :)

heidi again said...

Billlllll!!!! The poor Nuk-Fairy is going to be Nuk-less!! :)